Water Ecosystems

By: Crystal

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Water ecosystems have to include living and nonliving animals. A lake ecosystem has fresh water and its large and deep. It covers about 83,000 square kilometers. The oceans ecosystem has salt water and waves. Stream ecosystems have fresh water and running water. Pond ecosystems have fresh water and still water. Plants and animals, stay in lakes and streams they also live in moving water. The coral reefs is home for animals every where. Water in estuary is a mix of salt water and fresh water. A small log can be a ecosystem. In the ocean ecosystem their is animals and they are dolphins, starfish, kelp, and flounder. Ocean ecosystems have many ecosystems. The pond ecosystems have animals like insects that lay their eggs, salamanders, frogs, and leeches. Plankton live in deeper water of the pond and their not strong swimmers.   

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