Ahjailah Simms
F.Scott Fitzgerald

Birth Date: September 24, 1896

Death Date: December 21, 1940

Religious Views: Catholic

Political Views: Republican Party

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Family members:  Zelda Fitzgerald Spouse, Frances Scott Fitzgerald Daughter, Edward Fitzgerald Father, Eleanor Granddaughter, Tim Lanahan Grandson, Mollie MCQuillan Fitzgerald Mother

About Me:  Fitzgerald spent the first decade of his childhood primarily in Buffalo New,  York  (1898/1901 and 1903/1908), with a short interlude in Syracuse, New York between January 1901 and September 1903. His parents, both Catholic, sent Fitzgerald to two Catholic schools on the West Side of Buffalo, first Holy Angels Convent (1903/1904, now disused) and then Nardin Academy (1905/1908). His formative years in Buffalo revealed him to be a boy of unusual intelligence and drive with a keen early interest in literature, his doting mother ensuring that her son had all the advantages of an upper-middle-class upbringing. In a rather unconventional style of parenting, Fitzgerald attended Holy Angels with the peculiar arrangement that he go for only half a day and was allowed to choose which half.

What did this person do for a living: A Novelist, Short story writer & Poet

What was their highest education level? He Finished school

Marital status: He was Married

5 friends: Ernest Hemingway, Harold Ober, Maxwell Perkins, Nancy Milford, Matthew J. Bruccoli

Famous quote: Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures

3 Things that i want my classmates to know is: What collage he went to, his most famous novel & his wife

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