Sidney Trip

by: Antonio Saenz

Thank you Sidney for inviting  us up to your school to release our trout and learn more about your reservoir. While I was at your school I learned a lot about the past of your reservoir. My class has never been so far away from our school.

The Bridge we crossed from station to station

The first thing we did was stations at the local park. While we were here I learned about the history about this reservoir, the Ph, chloride level, nitrate, and water alkalinity in the water. We also tried fly fishing and we released our trout. After the stations we ate lunch and then played kickball which was really fun.

After stations we went on a hike. During this hike we saw three reservoir that were part of the woods. While we walked from reservoir to reservoir Cameron caught a snake and Corbin caught two frogs. Also at the last reservoir we were skipping rocks into the water. Then we went home. I want to say thank you again Sidney for inviting us up to your school. I had so much fun and I hope to see you again.


The Susquehanna                                                                                                                            

And Sidney in general

Is nothing like home

In Staten Island

There are more civilized homes

More rivers up there.

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