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First of all let me get a few things straight for you – there is no such thing as a good cheap immigration lawyer. The good ones aren’t cheap and the cheap ones aren’t good. But hey, not everyone can afford to hire the top immigration attorney in the country now, can they? But this does not negate the fact that you NEED the services of a law professional in any way. The way forward from here? Let these tips on hiring an immigration attorney guide you on what to do.

Get over the shock

The faster you accept the fact that you will not be able to afford hiring the best immigration attorney, the better it will be for you. However, this in no way means that you are helpless now and there is no one available who can represent your case in the court. Allow the gravity of the circumstances to actually sink into your mind set and start searching for more reasonable options.

Do the research in person

Advice of friends, social media profiles and website analysis of lawyers, client testimonials and recommendations are just the starting point of a much larger process. Remember that you will only get to know what the professional is like when you actually interact with him. And by no means am I referring to a telephonic conversation here. Tell me, would you hire a surgeon to operate on you without actually meeting with him in person? Then why should you even consider hiring an immigration attorney over the phone! Gear up to meet with the professional online and judge him as objectively as you can.

Separate the wheat from the chaff

Lawyers are ultimately professionals who need to sell themselves and their services in order to survive. Learn to separate the promotional copy from the actual hard facts about an attorney’s skills. His qualification, past performance, cases successfully handled and exposure to the industry are all indicators of the performance you can expect in your case. Remember experience is good but talent wins!

Understand the profit motive

You need to appreciate the fact that every lawyer out there is working to make a profit. Evaluate a potential candidate not only on the basis of the fees he will be charging you but also on the kind of efforts he commits to put in for the successful settlement of your case. The bargain fees and pricing structure can be an illusion to get you to hire them. Be objective while hiring the immigration lawyer for you. The lawyer that takes the case for a few thousand less than the other guy might put in a few thousand less in effort as well. Hire the lawyer with fewer, but more expensive cases and you will get the attention you need.

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