Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

1. "There is no ONE effective teaching strategy. The only way to measure the effectiveness of a strategy is to look at its impact on student learning."

2. "Learning cannot happen until students feel safe enough to take learning risks and become vulnerable enough to ask questions."

3. Activity vs. Action- in all things on your daily schedule, ask yourself what learning standard does this support and measure the effectiveness of this component/strategy often.

4. Do you like immediate feedback on your performance? So do students! What kind of daily feedback do you provide to students to promote their efficacy and learning? Share in the comments section below.

5. Reflection is one of the most powerful forms of professional learning, especially reflections that are shared amongst a group that shares in the benefit and the responsibility.

6. Have your read Those Shoes yet? What do you think? What did your students think?

7. Kinder, 2nd, and 4th grade teams- please ensure Nov. 14th feast RSVP letters are being turned in to Melinda Miller as they come in.

8. Seen and Heard Around the Building:

- 5th grade math students debating whether the "cheaper deal" was always worth it and sharing real life examples. What a "relevant" way to teach reasonableness!

-A music teacher who tirelessly meets with her 5th grade choir each week to foster a love of singing and collaboration. The Great Hall has never sounded so good!

-An office team who puts all things on hold at dismissal time to ensure all students are home safe. Their ability to calm parents and act quickly is admirable!

-A 4th grade student that once ran from campus, came early to tutorials and when he saw his teacher he ran to her! The power of relationships! Wow!

-Curriculum focused collaboration between colleagues that resulted in additional instructional strategies and resources to support student learning. (Congrats to these teams who look outside of themselves for additional campus support!)

-A 3rd grade math class that created high level questions to an answer presented by the teacher. High engagement, deep thinking and value in the product they created!

- Kindergarteners engaged  in independent reading! This means they are sending 5-year-olds off with just right books and meeting with kids who need special assistance while these itty-bitties are READING all on their own. They're talking about books with partners and discovering they know more and are more independent than they ever knew. What a HUGE leap of faith with some small people!

- A student Council teacher sponsor who stayed at the carnival ALL day to help this student organization raise funds to benefit this group of emerging student leaders.  Your time commitment was NOTICED!

- A 3rd grade teacher and a nurse who have rallied support of all kinds for a student whose father is very ill.  Compassion at its very finest....

- An SD paraprofessional who is challenged physically frequently by a student but still gives a smile and fresh start every day! 

- A group of 4th grade high achievers in math spotted in the hallway sharing and discussing the skill related games they created to challenge their peers.  These students minds were at work as they had to create these games, find all the solutions, and explain these games to their peers.  What a great example of a teacher determined to let no student go unchallenged! 

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Students love a high five, a thumbs up with a smile, or a quick fist pump for immediate feedback!!!!!!!

3 years ago

4th graders still like 😄 on their papers! After an activity in which I felt students were very engaged, I will award dojo points to the whole class.