Edgar Allen Poe

Created by: Malachi K. McNally

Life in the Beginning

Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven"

Edgar Allen's Life in the beginning.

Edgar Allen Poe was born January 19, 1809, his life was short, he lived his life of gambling, drinking, and alcoholism, Edgar was troubled throughout most of his life, he briefly wrote poetry, and concealed most of his talents, until he realized that he had a major talent for poetry. Edgar wrote many famous poems, such as the Raven. Edgar was also known as the creator of detective fiction, born in Boston he was born 2nd of two other actors in his family, when Edgar was two his father decided to abandon the family. Life was even tougher when Edgar's mother died that same year. He was well brought up into an average adulthood. Crashing over debts he was lead into (drinking, gambling etc.) Edgar's friend John Allen decided to enlist in the military with Edgar, later that year when Edgar failed at an officer cadet, he finally left. Deciding to go to life as a publisher, he spent the next several years working on literary journals. Later on Edgar died of inflammation in the brain, he was often caught delirious during his last days, and was found dead, many say that he was put to death when many citizens would not vote for a certain candidate.

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