Gifts For Construction Business Owners And Architects – Advertising Rulers

If you are connected with the engineering or construction industry in any way, you will definitely appreciate the fact that there are very limited possibilities available to advertise and promote your brand. The industry itself has placed many restrictions on its professionals to prevent any unscrupulous marketing techniques taking hold in this elite world. Then there are certain professional ethics and standards that you will have to maintain to create a respectable name in the industry. And finally, advertising happens to be a costly affair and finding an impactful and cost effective means to reach out to potential customers does not happen every day.

But, with the prospect of giving away advertising rulers as gifts and freebies, you really have a potent way to reach out to your audience in a direct and more powerful manner. For construction and engineering professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Designers and Builders, one of the most practical gifts they appreciate is professional quality Scale Rules for measuring plans and drawings. And if you can manage to get your logo and marketing message printed on these inexpensive articles, there can be no better branding formula out there!

The first argument that you might have against the idea would be who would use an advertising ruler?

Of course the fact of the day is there is an abundance of CAD software and modelling programs that now allow professional architects and engineers to come up with accurate and life like 3D plans of their vision. But most of them still prefer to make their plans on paper by hand to ensure accuracy and precision in their creations. Plus, the plans created by these software still need to be measured and scaled at the execution stage which will again require the use of these scales. You can easily cash in on these utilities and make the most from your marketing strategy.

Advertising rulers are a godsend when you look at all the amazing advantages they offer. First, you are giving away an article that is bound to become a part of the daily work life of the professional. This means your marketing message will get a lot more value and impact than from any other mode of advertising. The person receiving it will have your brand name right in front of their eyes whenever they use this tool to create any project drawing. Furthermore, these rulers are much cheaper than any other marketing medium you seek to explore. Just find the right designer and manufacturer provide them with your advertising and brand graphics and you are done. They will have your required number of advertising rulers ready in no time at all. Most of these companies are available on the internet as well. Just find their website and place the order from the comforts of your office or home. Price is no big issue either, given the affordability of the concept in general. It really is THAT simple! is an extremely useful website that everyone looking to get advertising rulers made should take advantage of.


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