The Murder of Elizabeth Short

The Crime

Beth Short, formally known as Elizabeth, was born July 29,1924 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. The Black Dahlia was the nickname given to her because of her love for wearing black as well as the dahlia she often wore in her hair. On January 15,1947, her body was found in a vacant lot in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. Her torso was completely severed at the waist and was seperate from her upper body. Her mouth was cut into a Glasgow's Smile and the majority of her body was mutilated with cuts. The cause of death was determined to be from the hemoragging of the scalp because of multiple hits to the head as well as loss of blood. Although there are multiple suspects, there has not been a clear killer; the case is unsolved.

The Mystery

Who killed her?

The Sources

The Suspects

Walter Bayley, Leslie Dillon, George Hodel, Patrick S. O'Reilly, Robert M. "Red" Manley

The Evidence

Initially, the evidence found the week of the murder was a cement sack with watery blood inside, a heel print on the ground near the victim, as well as a handbag and shoe found at a dump in close proximity to the site of the murder.

The Narrator

Elizabeth's Mother

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