Bruce Levenson's Racist Email

By: Amanda Lee

Summary:  Bruce Levenson, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, confessed on September 8th that he had sent a racist email to his co-owners that was "inappropriate" and "offensive."  The email he sent almost two years ago brought up the fact that black people were overpopulating the games in the stands and at the bars, and that there were not enough white people in the crowd.  Levenson believed that white people were becoming threatened by the presence of so many black people, that they decided to no longer attend the games.  He also described in the email how NBA games promote African Americans a little too much.  For example, the music at games is usually some form of hip hop or gospel, and the cheerleaders are all black as well.  Levenson was looking to attract more of a "white people" crowd.  However, despite thinking these things two years ago, Levenson confessed on his own that what he did was cruel and discriminative.  During one of his interviews he says, "By focusing on race, I sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans."  Levenson took full responsibility for his actions and is stepping down from his position as owner, effective immediately.               


The ideals related to this article are equality and prejudice.  This article explained how blacks are being discriminated against and are not treated with equality.  They are seen as a threat and are viewed as a violation of safety to others.  This ordeal is a harsh judgment towards another person based plainly off of ethnicity.  Blacks are not being treated the same as whites are, and that is not okay.  Everyone should be treated the same no matter what your race is.  This article also exposes prejudice from a number of people.  Bruce Levenson is one example.  Because he is white himself, it can be inferred that he would naturally side with the white people and encourage more of them to come to games.  Prejudice is also shown from the white people that decided to no longer attend NBA games just because there were so many blacks present.  They are making judgments that black people are automatically dangerous and that they are not to be trusted.  The white people are being cruel when they think immediately that black people are harmful and unsafe.  

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