North Carolina Graduation Project

Corporate Law, Sydnie Edwards October 25, 2013

This is my tag sitting on top of my finished accessory.

My research topic was on corporate lawyers and everything their job entails. One phase of corporate law, also known as business law, involves inventors and designers getting their products copyrighted. For my product I decided to design, create and produce a design for an accessory and also my own personal logo. I then filled out forms requesting to have my design and logo copyrighted.

Product Approval Form

The Process of Making the Design!

Production of the Accessory!

Certificate of Completion!

This certificate states that I completed STEP camp at NC State this past summer.

This past summer I attend the Summer Textiles Exploration Program week long camp at NC State. While I was there I was given the opportunity to work with a Textile Design professor, Dr. Tracey Lamar. I created a design that I entitled Beachy Keen by using the Lectra Kaledo Print software. After I placed the objects I was using for my design on the computer just right, I selected the fabric to use. The fabric I chose to use was Silk Rayon, and once I decided on this I printed off color samples. Once I decided what colors I believed the design looked best in, I printed my design onto the Silk Rayon using the Mutoh MC3 Digital Textile Printer. The certificate of completion states that I completed the week long STEP camp at NC State.

Creating the Logo and the Tag!

I created my tag using the Sew What Pro embroidery machine. First, I had to select the color of the fabric and the font I wanted to use. Once I had decided upon the black fabric and the font entitled "Kaylee," I used the computer hooked up to the embroidery machine. On the computer I typed in the words I wanted my tag to say and then sent the file to the Sew What Pro. The embroidery machine then began to create the tag.

The Finished Products!

Copyright Forms!

Part of a corporate lawyer's job is to deal with inventors and designers that would like to stake claim on what they have created. This is done through the filing of a copyright request form. Many people decide to have a corporate lawyer file the copyright form for them because they don't know how. Once I finished creating my products, I performed part of a corporate lawyer's job. I filled out the forms as a corporate lawyer would do for their clients. Copyright requests can take up to six months to process, so my product will be ongoing while I try to get my logo and fabric design copyrighted.

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