Top 5 fashion designers of the 1980s

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#5 Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani was one of the first designers to create products other then clothing, he designed socks, sunglasses, perfumes, and other accessories. Armani was one of  the most popular brand names of the 80's,  and to be popular brand names were the key to success.

#4 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was famous for designing the polo. He started the 80's preppy look which was especially popular among the wealthy community. if you're looking for an arrogant rich popular guy style then Ralph Lauren is the place to shop. Ralph Lauren is still popular today.

#3 Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne worked with the manager of the sex pistols, they co-owned a clothing store. Vivienne was the designer of the urban pirate look, and made it popular. today in her online store you can find bridal, accessories, and very hipster clothing items.

#2 Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein introduced the sexy vibe with suggestive ads and clothing. He started the trend of controversial clothing that today's designers try for. CK is still very popular in current times.

#1  John Paul Gaultier

John Paul Gaultier worked designing costumes for the world renowned Madonna, he was an extremely influential fashion designer. All designers of the 1980's styled after him.

Vocabulary words of the 80's

(noun) ash people

kids that wore all black. a term used before "goth."

ex: "there's a group of ash people coming over, look at their black clothing.

(noun) blar

a fat  person. "dude look at that blar over in the corner."

(adj.) bunk


-not cool

-not fun

ex: "this party is bunk man, lets leave."

(adj.) crunchy

jealous. ex: "bro you crunchy or naww?"

(noun) grindage

food. ex: "lets go back to my house for some grindage."

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