Poison Gas

Poisonous gas was first introduced by the French. It was primarily used in the trenches where there could be deaths without an attack.

Poison gas definitely changed warfare. It created fear within all soldiers. In addition, poison gas could take up to weeks to kill, which meant lots of people suffered in their deaths. I think this was efficient because it was very strategic in the way one country would not have to present nor cause on an attack. This was a very secure way to not lose their own soldiers.

Machine Gun

Machine Guns were weapons that needed more than one man working it. In addition, these machine guns had the power of 100 guns.

Machine guns were powerful weapons used in World War 1. This type of weapon was used with 4-6 men in order to operate. The results that the maching guns provided was remarkable as the machine gun was the weapon that killed the most soldiers in the war.


Introduced in the eighteenth century, this weapon allowed for opponents to go near the trenches in war.

The tank allowed for a sense of security when in them. This weapon had to power to get near the trenches while still protecting themselves. There could be 6 men inside the tank. Tanks also allowed for advanced mobility with the soldiers.


Submarines were introduced in 1914 to help block out enemies.

Submarines held many advantageous. The ability to be unseen as it was underwater was one. Also, submarines were able to attack in surprises because of this.

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