Ethical Business Behavior

A member of the local business community, Angela exhibits compassion for others through active community involvement, seeking to keep both herself and her business involved in efforts to help the less fortunate. One issue that is very dear to Angela is that of Fair Trade, something she understands to be a vital, perhaps even indispensable part, of healthy growth, development and a way out of poverty for many struggling nations around the globe. She is also an active public speaker on the topic. By working towards closing this gap, the more economically powerful nations on Earth have the opportunity to give others a better chance to become a more impactful member of the global arena, making poorer nations a more effective partner in the fight against issues that affect everyone on the planet. Angela continues to be very involved in numerous projects and support that promote and advocate for fair trade, particularly throughout the African continent.

Angela understands that the need for more equitable trade practices is now, as these are one of the only true ways to close the gap between the richer and poorer nations on Earth. Leveling the playing field, at least in terms of trade, may go a long way towards helping impoverished nations attain better control over their own destinies, and to provide a better opportunity for prosperity, and a way out of poverty, for many struggling populations around the globe. Angela Kisler is passionate about many issues, and has committed a good deal of her time, effort and energy into local community outreach programs that do so much for the homeless and the hungry throughout the region.

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