Advanced Era
By:Tamir Outting, Muhammet Aydin, Munzer Suliman, Kamal Aklhatib


The advanced era was a time for major change in not only America, but the rest of the world as well. With rapid advancements in technology and public values, America and its citizens changed politically and socially.With the only continuity being the development of the country progressing.

The Apple History Channel 

Posted on January,2006

The First imac Introduction #WXT

1998 was the start of the advanced era with the introduction of the imac. In a time where computers only had a fraction of the power they do now and not nearly as common as they are now came the imac. One of the first personal computers ever made. This reveal started the competitive technological market we know today by introducing a computer for the casual consumer. The purpose being to provide easier access to the internet. And this intent to increase access started the rapid advancement of technology that we see today. And future historians might use this to find out when technology began to develop at the pace it is now. 

Matthew Green

Published: September 10,2014

How 9/11 Changed America: Four Major Lasting Impacts #WOR

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, there were roughly 200,000 annual deportations a year between 1999 and 2001. While that number dropped slightly in 2002, it began to steadily climb the following year. In the first two years of the Obama Administration (2009-10), deportations hit a record high of nearly 400,000 annually. Only about half of those deported in 2009-10 were actually convicted of a criminal offense, and of those that were, most were low-level offenders.

Written 13 years after the events of 9/11 this journalist writes about the lasting impacts of the dreaded terrorist attack. And one impact he points out is the increase of deportations. This shows that in response to the attack Americans became much more fearful of minorities. It seems this was written to show Americans that we have not really moved past racial boundaries.It serves to tell us that one event is enough for us to forget about the progress we made in terms of accepting each other. Which shows a change in what we thought about minorities after the heated relations between them died down. And future historians might use this as a reference to see if these impacts still exist during their time.

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US Foreign Policy After 9/11 #WOR

When the U.S. invaded Iraq in March 2003, however, it broadened its policy to include preventive warfare. The Bush administration told the public (erroneously) thatSaddam Hussein's regime had nuclear material and would soon be able to produce atomic weapons. Bush vaguely tied Hussein to Al Qaeda (again erroneously), and he said the invasion was, in part, to prevent Iraq from supplying terrorists with nuclear weapons. Thus, the Iraqi invasion was to prevent some perceived -- but not clearly evident -- event.

This essay was written to present the change in America's external affairs after the events of 9/11. This was written from the perspective of someone who knows of the casualties suffered during the Iraq war that no one knew about before hand. This person, after knowing that the terrorist did not have a weapon of mass destruction questions weather the war was necessary by calling it a preventative war. This article shows that America went from a country not trying to interact with the rest of the world to one looking to stop what they thought were impending conflicts. And future historians might use this to determine how people felt after the shock of the 9/11 attack.

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Yes Pecan #CUL

Yes Pecan was a new flavor of ice cream based of of President Barack Obama's campaign slogan. Made by Ben and Jerrys this flavor became very popular riding on Obama's increasing popularity in the polls. The purpose of this being to promote his presidency by using the famous brand as a medium. This flavor showed that the way to reach voters have changed since the days of placing signs all over the nation. It shows that the voters need more interaction from their candidates to get their vote. And future historians could use this to study our campaigning practices

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Obama's Inaugural Address #POL

Obama's inaugural speech already had many listing since a new president would be leading our county. But even more would listen for the inauguration of America's first black president. After standing victorious in the election, Obama speaks to the American people to talk of the problems that they will face and the solutions they will use against them. This inauguration marked a corner stone in America's history. After Decades of strife and hatred between blacks and whites, Americans have changed so much as to vote the first ever black man into office. Historians will look at this day as a key event in America's history of  change.

After the discovery of the Mayan calendar ending on 2012 Americas went into an uproar. While some remained skeptical others went into a full blown panic. People bought stocks of food and built bomb shelters in preparation of the perceived dooms day. It was such an uproar that a movie was made by "Columbia Pictures". These numbers show the box office sales of the movie. It shows how enormous the sales the movie made riding the mass hysteria of the event. These numbers show that Americans are entranced about movies based of current events.

Tom Warren

November 12,2014

This graph shows the sales records of the newly released Xbox One,PS4 and Wii U. With the release of a new gaming generation the sales of these consoles were watched closely by all sources to determine a victor in the console wars. With the intended audience being fans of their respective consoles to see who had won the next battle in the console wars. This data shows that technology has become a fundamental part in many Americans lives. With new hardware reaching sales in the millions within their first days of release, this shows that technology and peoples value of it has grown exponentially.Historians will look at this data and use it to study how a majority of Americans spent their free time. 

USA Today News

May, 2015

This audio plays from a court case regarding same sex marriage. After long amounts of controversy and debates, the problem now reaches the supreme court. After several states have made gay marriage legal, supporters now turn to the courts to get this right in the constitution. This shows that Americans views are becoming less religion based as the amount of supporters for gay marriage increases. Historians will look at this as another divide between Americans, just like we do now with racism. 

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