Obama says world has responsibility to act; Ebola to “get worse before it gets better”

By Julia Eilperin and Lena H. Sun

Published: September 16th, 2014

Summary of story/link

Obama says that the world has a responsibility to act on the ebola epidemic that is affecting many West Africans and that the United State will devote new resources to stop the spread of this disease. The president has the Center for Disease Control and other federal and government agencies involved with this effort.  Armed forces are also going to help with this situation by bringing in medical workers and equipment to spreading the word of this disease to people in high risk areas. Lots of big organizations like the World Health Organization, World Back, and on Capitol Hill are contributing to the support to the president's plan by donating very large sums of money to the funding.

Ideals Related to This Story

Liberty and Opportunity

This shows opportunity because the Western Africans have a lack of circumstances. "Many people are too poor to afford the basic supplies to cope with the epidemic, although various groups are trying to provide residents with buckets, gloves, chlorine and other essentials." They aren't able to have the amount of medical equipment that they should have. This also shows liberty because Obama is allowed to do as he likes. He is able to help out and be able to be involved with the ebola without any problems with Africa. "The president said the armed forces “are going to bring their expertise in command and control, in logistics, in engineering” to help do tasks ranging from bringing in aid workers and medical equipment to distributing supplies and information kits to families in high-risk areas so they can take the appropriate precautions."

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