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Property Advantage is a full service property management company specializing in residential management in the San Marcos area. Whether you are a property owner looking for an experienced team to manage your investment or you are a tenant seeking a new place to call home, we have you covered. Our honest and hands-on approach makes us the best at what we do. Our San Marcos Property Management experts are full-time administrators who don't purchase or offer land. We dedicate the majority of our regard for dealing with your property in San Marcos and staying current on rental laws and practices. Our proprietors are furnished with a group of talented property chiefs to regulate the day by day obligation of a property.

The property administration groups work intently with both our Accounting and Maintenance divisions to give master learning to our proprietors. At property advantage we function as a group to consistently supply phenomenal administration in all aspects of property management. Our property administration group has the experience to deal with any circumstance rapidly, effectively, lawfully and with least introduction to obligation for our landowners. We deal with all the points of interest, so you don't need to. We deducted a little percent of the month to month rent to deal with your property professionally.

As per chronicled legends, the San Luis Rey Mission groups were looted by a little band of Indians in the late 18th century. Escaping the Spanish troops, the Indians got away to the slopes. While seeking after the Indians, the Spaniards happened upon a ripe valley in 1797 which was named Los Vallecitos de San Marcos (Little Valleys of Saint Mark) to respect the day of revelation: April 25, St. Mark's Day. On April 22, 1840, Governor Juan B. Alvarado allowed Rancho Vallecitos de San Marcos to his relative, Jose MarĂ­a Alvarado. Jose Alvarado was slaughtered at the Pauma Massacre in 1846, and the area was left to his wife; she then sold the area to Lorenzo Soto. In the late 1850s, Soto sold piece of his property to Cave Couts and his family was soon raising domesticated animals. In spite of the fact that Cave Couts claimed the area, Major Gustavus French Merriam from Topeka, Kansas made the first changeless settlement. Merriam homesteaded 160 sections of land in the north Twin Oaks Valley and started wine and nectar generation.

After Major Merriam's settlement, German and Dutch migrants started moving into the territory in the mid 1880s. At that point in 1883 a couple of miles south of the settlement, John H. Barham established the first town in the zone. By 1884, the town of Barham had a mail station, metalworker, food store and a week by week daily paper. In 1887 the San Marcos Land Company purchased the greater part of the San Marcos arrive once in the past possessed by the Couts family and expeditiously partitioned the area into tracts. Before long the wonderful slopes started drawing in home-seekers.

Property advantage deals with all the everyday migraines connected with your investment property's administration. Therefore, you amplify rental pay while minimizing the measure of time you go through managing operations. We benefit all of San Marcos, notwithstanding we have some expertise in adjusting North County and the territories underneath. Our property administration office areas in Carlsbad and San Marcos encourage our County wide administrations. For more information visit the site .