This animal is a type of deer it has lite brown and white fur with black antlers.

They are great at running when needed

Pronghorn's habitat

The pronghorn lives in North Amarica in grassy areas with lots of water they also live in rock areas.

Fun facts

Did you know that pronghorns are known as "prairie ghosts" because they are very, very, very fast. Pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in North America. In the fall and winter they live bigger groups. In the summer and spring they live in smaller groups. Pronghorns milk is 2 1/3 times of protein of cows milk and also about four time the fat. Did you know that pronghorns can run up to 95 mph that makes them the fastest mammal alive.

Animals that live with pronghorns

They live by Coyotes, golden eagles, wolves, bison, beavers, bobcats, bears, weasels, ferrets, badgers, foxes, prairie dogs, jackrabbits, elk, mule deer, red-tailed hawks.

Some times when hear the name of an animal and it sounds scary it doesn't always mean, that they aren't always scary because it mite be really nice.


Birds, bobcats, wolves, badger,coyotes, golden eagle, bison, beavers, bears, weasels, ferret, fox, prairie dog, jackrabbit, elk, mule deer, red-tailed hawk.


Badger, wolves,

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