By: Toka Mehrez

Confucius had served in minor government managing stables and keeping books for granaries. Confucius was a master of the six arts- ritual, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy, arithmetic, and his familiarity of a lot of traditions. Also, poetry and history gave him a great chance for a teaching career in the 30s.   

Confucius did not believe in any soul or self.But, he did believe that everyone should study, give respect to elders. Also, the following principals were in his teachings: Confucius believed to be the ideal standard of religious, moral, and social conduct this principal is called Li. The second principal is called Jen, It is the fundamental virtue of Confucian teaching. Jen is the virtue of goodness and benevolence. The last principal is called Chun-Tzu,the idea of the true gentleman. It is the man who lives according to the highest ethical standards.

The following symbol is called Yin-Yang. It is specially used in Taoism but its also used in Confucianism. The circle represents the whole while the halves and dots is the opposite. For example, male;female.  

This symbol is called double happiness. It is mainly used in Confucianism. Also,It features the same Chinese character side-by-side. It also uses a variety of things.   

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