Biotic factors that live there are frogs,snakes,birds,monkeys, fishes and jaguars.There is also trees,grass and exotic plants

Abiotic factors are humid air,hot temperatures,strong sunlight,fresh water,intense rain,and rough ground.

carrying capacity

Definition:the most organisms a ecosystem can hold and support with it's resources

The chimpanzees live in rainforest ,and the population mostly continues to go because of its very little amount of predators and a abundance of food a chimpanzee can eat.

limiting factors

definition:something in the environment or it's conditions that limit a organism's population and growth rate.

Examples:forest fires,earthquakes,predators,and humans that destroy the rainforest.

prey/predator relationship

chimpanzees predator is the leopard.Leopards go for the baby chimpanzees because they can't chase the adult ones.If a fire happened the chimpanzees would be a much more easier target because the trees would be burnt ,and that means they have no safe spot from the leopards.

Energy roles

Producers:take energy from the sun and transfer it to primary consumers,without them there would be no food web.EX:orchids,lianas,bromeliads

primary consumers:take energy from producers and give energy to secondary consumersEX:leaf cutter ants,Iguanas,Black agouti

secondary consumers:take energy from primary consumers and give energy to tertiary consumersEX:venus flytrap,vampire bat,Amazon river dolphins

tertiary consumers:take energy from secondary consumers and are the last consumers in food chains or websEX:jaguar,harpy eagle,green anaconda

Food Webs And Food Chains

Food webs are more realistic because it shows more flow of energy of the organisms.

If the frog population goes away ,the alligators would eat more river insects which means piranhas wouldn't have any thing to eat and it keeps going and going.

Energy Pyramid

The energy pyramid shows how much energy is given to one organism to another The producers get more energy because they get it from the sun ,and as the pyramid goes up fewer energy is handed off


chemical fourmula


This means that carbon dioxide and water is absorbed by the plant.They are trapped in the chloroplast.Then photosynthesis happens.Oxygen and glucose is made and the glucose is food to the plant.The oxygen goes to the humans.


Def: Turning/bending movement of an organism toward/away from an external stimulus such as light,touch, heat or gravity.Examples can be when vines are wrapped around trees or when a venus flytrap eats its prey when it touches it.This plants need tropisms to adapt and survive in their environment.


Decomposers break down dead organisms/matter and resupply the soil with nutrients.If there was no decomposers plants will wilt and die and nutrients will be given off.Which means the whole food web will fall apart.Ex:termites,velvet worms,fungi,and mushrooms


Adaptations are important because they help organisms adapt or survive in its own environment.Like when a snake has sharp teeth and a big jaw to eat its prey really easily.

Animals in the rainforest like a chameleon adapt in there because of their camouflage and long tongues to eat small insects really easily.The venus flytrap has long sharp teeth to let it eat its prey and the color of it helps it camouflage.

If your would to put a chameleon in the arctic its long tongue and camouflage would be useless because there is rarely insects in the arctic and there would so much snow that camouflage wouldn't matter.It would eventually freeze to death.

Natural selection

When organisms are better adapted to their environment and survive better than a other species.It is important because  it kicks out weaker species making the stronger species more adaptable and more better for their environment.

Snakes have been naturally selected in rainforest like vipers because of the venom that some of them have

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