Absolute Brightness

Mrs. Berrisford

Friday April 4th, 2014: Conflict Chapters 6-13

The main conflict in the story so far is that Leonard is missing!

“That was a good night for us. For all of us. And I’m glad I have it as a memory to look back on, because a week later everything changed.” (pg. 143) “As he jotted down the information about Leonard into a long-book.”

Ellen Phoebe’s mom is involved because she is the aunt and guardian of Leonard’s. Phoebe is involved because she knows most of the things that Leonard does and who he hangs out with. Everyone that goes to the salon is involved by being the “possible suspects.”

I think that this conflict could be resolved by getting everyone in the town/neighborhood to help look for him. Also the sheriff’s department can get more officers out there and ask questions and not the same one all the time. Another way is that everyone could just relax and wait because eventually Leonard could return.

Ways that I would deal with this is by making missing person posters and post them all around town. I would personally go and ask everyone myself. I would also hire private detectives if I had the money at that time. I would also just wait a few days, if they don’t show up then I would tell the news stations.

So far I think that this book is good. It has new things happening in it every chapter. It is very interesting now especially since Leonard is missing.

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