Into thin air

Scholastic News presentation. Mr. Thorne's class. 2/24/14 by: Seth McCoy

on November 28, millions of people will tune to in to Macy's thanksgiving day parade to watch huge helium filled balloons soar across the sky of New York City. That is a lot of helium being wasted just for entertainment. Spider-mans friends may someday be grounded because we are running low on helium. The U.S is the top producer for helium. Helium is a gas helium is extracted from the ground by drilling. People first started using helium in the 1920s to keep airships afloat. New areas for drilling are being developed in the U.S and around the world. Please click the link ( or tap it if your using a touchscreen) to see the video.

Credits. Seth M., Google images, animoto, and tackk.