The Great Alaska Earthquake
Celia Perry

The Great Alaska Earthquake on March 27,1964,at 5:36 p.m. hit hard. With a magnitude of 9.2 this earthquake destroyed lots home and buildings. The earthquake caused a tsunami which caused more damage. The totally cost to repair was $2.3 billion. History of earthquakes in Alaska is 9 starting from 1968, biggest one was being a 8.8 on March 1957. The Earthquake was caused when the northwestward moved to the Pacific plate at about 5 to 7 cm per year causing the crust of southern Alaska to be compressed and warped. Some areas along the coast became depressed and others areas inland uplifted. After periods of tens to hundreds of years, this compression is relieved when the southeastward move back over It subducting the Pacific plate. The area in which it was felt was in all of Alaska, parts of Canada, and south to Washington. Deaths from the earthquake totally  131;119 died in the  tsunami.In addition to damage in the central region immediately following the quake, long period of  seismic waves traveled around the earth for several weeks.