Engineering Towers

By:Norma Mauricio

session 1

in session 1 we drew three thumbnail sketch designs for our tower, we sketched the design we thought would have been the strongest for the tower and made a three full size sketches of that pattern.

Session 2

In session 2 we learned about loads and how it relates to structures, We also finished our patterns,  we learned the  difference between an architect and an engineer.

Session 3

In session 2 we started to create one side of our tower. We had to put in all the horizontal lines in that one side before we did anything. We did this so that the side would be strong enough and the tower wouldn't fall. We used a pattern that looked like if it had an X in the middle of the square and we had four squares.

Session 4

In session 4 we created our second side. We learned how to make our tower stronger. In our design we had four squares so that the tower could be more sustainable. In every square we had a big X that went from corner to corner. We did this so that the tower could be more equal.  

Session 5

In session 5 we constructed our last side. We could either choose to create three side for our tower our chosen to done four. We decided to do the three sided tower because we think that three sides my make the tower hold more weight than the four sided.

Session 6

in session 6 we didn't do much. This session was only if we had the four sided tower, to create the forth side but we used this time to edit our side or make them better. What we did to make them hold more weight was add more sticks. We did this because we thought if we added more stick to the tower then the tower would take more time for it to collapse.  

Session 7

In session 7 the first thing we did was take the post test. After that we had to get all three sides of our tower and put them together to make our final tower. After we glued each vertical side of the tower we put them together. When we were done we added tape in each of the end of the tower and every where were there were emptying spaces.

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