The Secret Zoo

      The characters in this book are.. Noah, and Megan (who are siblings)   and Ella and Richie. One night Megan forgot her glasses in the action scout fort. Then she heard a scary thump, thud, and a grunt. Megan looked at all of her neighbors houses and yards but nothing was there. She thought for a few seconds and then she remembered about the zoo close to her house in her neighborhood. She looked over there and nothing was there either.Then she saw these weird, and creepy monkey things. She rushed into the house and showed her brother Noah. But by that time there was nothing there so he thought that she was crazy. That night Megan found the diary that her mom gave her so she decided to write all of her thoughts in there. And later that night Megan went missing!!!! Nobody knew where she was. Her family looked everywhere hoping to find her or that somebody did. But three weeks later she was still GONE!!! Noah thought about where she could be everyday. Then one day he remembered about the monkeys that she thought she saw. So then he decided that he should go to the zoo. The next day he snuck out of school and went to the zoo. He's been there so many that he could walk around it blind folded. He went strait to the monkeys and looked there but she wasn't there. Right when he was about to leave a monkey with a very long tail named Mr. Tall Tail gave him this piece of paper. At first he was a little creeped out but then he read the piece of paper and it was part of Megan's journal he read and he knew it had to be Megan's because of the handwriting. And that's what's going on in this book right now.   

I think Megan is a very curious and mysterious girl. Which makes me think that she will go try to find out what she saw. That's what I think will happen.

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3 years ago

Wow! This is an AMAZING summary, Jamie! You don't have to go into quite this much detail, but you really did a great job of making the book come alive! I'm so glad you are enjoying the book. It was one of my favorites, too! It's hard to understand why someone would kidnap Megan, and it sure would be helpful to have more than just a piece of her diary to help people discover why and how she disappeared! It seems like the animals are on her side, though, which is good! What do you think of her brother and her friends so far?