Crossroads@Meade Holiday Tackk

By: J. Pham

10 Things I'm Most Thankful For This Time Of The Year

1. I'm thankful for food duh! 6.Thankful for being able to attend this school

2. Thankful for friends 7.Thankful for electronics

3. Thankful that I get to be alive 8.Thankful for my family

4. Thankful for a roof! 9. Thankful a wonderful life !

5. Thankful that I have clothing 10. Thankful for choreography companies !

Message To You Guys

Merry Christmas Guys ! Have the best one with your family. Enjoy the family fun. Don't stay in your room all day go out and move around. Be cheerful on Christmas. Santa watching you guys ! Just kidding. Don't feel creeped out. But, I wish you guys the best ! Merry Christmas :)