John Younger

John Younger's full name is John Harrison Younger.

Younger was born in 1852 on Lee's Summit Missouri.

He died on March 17th, 1874, due to a bullet to the neck.

Younger had no wife and no children.

John Younger was known for banditry. He robbed trains and banks. He was also a murderer. On Jan 20, 1871 he shot and killed 2 Texas Deputy Sherriffs. Needless to say, he was bad, although he wasn't in a gang.

Younger survived four hangings. He was beat in the face with a fish, so he shot the "assailant" in the head. Funnily enough, it was ruled self defense due to the assailant having a slingshot on his person. After this, him and his mother and brother went to Texas to live peacefully. His mother fell ill, so they took her back to Missouri. During an interview, a detective pulled a hidden pistol on him and shot him. GG.

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