3D Printing

I have started doing 3D printing and makeing a model because I want to see how cars or planes are affected by wind and how it can be designed to be more stream lined . I will look at models of cars or planes and learn how the curves and grooves help avert wind drag. Also I will try to make  car that is aerodynamic.  This will help me when I grow Up because to will help with engineering.

Day 1 of Research

Today I look up areodynamics and found examples. I look at sport cars such as the Mercedes and how the sleek grooves and sloped hood had restricted drag. Also I played with and learned a little about 123 design. It is a program that helps design things.

Day 2 of Research

Today I created a base model in Sketch Up and not in 123 design do to it being easier and that I all ready no how to use Sketch Up.

Day 3 Research

Made my car base along with some other car aerodynamics.  I also look at some salt flat cars along with F1 racers to see the design.  The design of  the cars have shown me how sleek and agile they look along with how they were slip stream.  I have made my model of my car and will move onto figuring out how to print it along with some touch ups on the model its self.

Day 4 Research

Today I worked on my model and finished it. It had taken me two days to make  and though it is finished I might change the back for a better look. I also took certain parts and peices off of the car such as th skinny wheels.  I learned also that it is very hard to print from Sketch Up do to the fact that I don't know how too.  Though I did finish my car and it is ready to print. To print I will start collecting information on how to print my car. The car is a drag/saltflat racer it has a splitter and is very slip stream do to its skinny appearance.  I also has really skinny wheels to slow down friction along with a cool spoiler to cut through the wind.

Looking Back At My Research

I looked back and learned that aerodynamics is way to make a vehicle more air resist.  The more air resist it is the faster the car goes do to it having less air drag and friction. Also there are parts that help make a car more air resist such as splitters and spoilers   Talking about my car I made a few adjustments to it.

Day 6 Research

I have looked up how to print out a 3D model and how to connect the printer to computer.  You have to put the model in a different progam were it scanns the model for errors and see if it can be printed.  I alo look up different parts of the printer and it's functions. Also the Model I made was to boxy I have to round it out and make it more streamline.  Also they printer will have a hard time printing it out along with fixing the errors of it not being a whole model.

Day 7

Today I worked on my car.  I had added wheels along with a more curved body. I learned that you have to make the whole model one component.  Also that the component has some loose peices sush as unnecesary squares and etc.  Also I learned you have too make the model one component before you put it in the other program.

Day 8

  1. Today I learned that you have to highlight the model and then go to edit.  When you go to the edit area you will select the component button.  It will ask you to name the model.  Name it what ever you want too. then from there you don't have to change any settings or anything . From there you import it to a program that will scanit or error or other things like that. The program I did not find but I do have a good idea of what to do.  The model I have finished.

Day 9
Techanical Terms

Components- Makes your model in Sketchup one whole thing and not many boxes and lines.

Sketchup- A pogram that makes models in 3D.

123D Design- A prgram that is more advanced in making 3D models.

3D Printer- A machine that makes a physicl 3D model from a computer file that containts the design of the model.

How to Prepare for Printing

When I reasearched more I found out that you do have to import it to a program but you have to make it a stl file. Then you have make it a gcode and then you can print a model.

Research 11

Since I have finished my model I haven't looked at how it could improve. Now that  I am about to look at it I can see were it can be improved. Such as how I could have added air intakes and better streamlined spoiler. I also could have made the tires more proportioned to the car along with better looking details such as finder, splitter, and a etc. I will plan out some test when my model is done printing.

Almost Printed

Since it is almost done printing I will make a test for the model. The test is how it compares to other cars and its design. Along with how it has certain streamline features such as spoilers,splitters, and other features. To find out this information I will search what makes a car more streamlined and test my car to see if it is streamlined. This will answer the question what makes a car streamlined. Also why does it make the car streamlined and how does the component help the car.

Testing Research

Spoilers- A device to get rid of unfavorable air movement through the car during movement.

Splitter- A device that is like a spoiler but it directs air flow along with reduce the air flow below the car that will make it stick more to the road.

Air vents- It directs air around the car and lets it cut through the car.

The first picture you can tell that the car has a spoiler and a splitter. The second picture you can see clearly what a splitter is and where isacly it is put on in a car. Third is a exotic car called a Buggati Veyron you can see the air vents on the back side of the car. It looks like a indent on the car.

(Pikes Peak Car)

(Splitter of a Audi 24 hour racer)

(on the side of the Buggati you can see the air vents)

Tested (14)

The model below shows what I had made after my first model had failed. I scanned the model for what I could have done better. The front I could have made better by lowering and putting a better spoiler on it. Along with that the spoiler could have been more detailed. Another thing that does need more detail is the body. The body lacks detail in fins that guide air flow along with air vents on the side. I also could have added a hood area with a hood scoop.

Things that I will do to modify my car is add a spoiler, better wing and a more aero dynamic design.


I have added a splitter on the front along with making the front more teadrop. The back I added a better looking spoiler and a I added a splitter on the front of the car. The back i more teardrop and aerodynamic.

Finished and Modified

Though this car is the modified version there is many more modifications I could do to the model. Even though it still needs modification it is what I wanted in the begining even without the modifications. It achieves that because it has all that parts needed such as a spiler and splitter. It also could of had been better design like in the body area but it still works.


Sketch Up

I learned how to use Sketchup better. Something that will help me when I am making a model is curves and round surfaces. I learned how to do it by using the pull tool along with the half a circle tool.  Though learining new technigues in building, is important learning how to make it able to print and move to other programs is important too.

3D Printing

It is cool and interesting to do to. I was a good way for me to learn how to use a computer better. It will be a interesting skill to know when I need to know how to do something like this. It had  also taught me interesting things and also taught me new things that technology could.

Project Finall  

I talked about this in the slide above this one about the car and how it turned out. The project is not just the car it is about learning and figuring out what worked and designing.


When I had design my car it was to boxy and pointed not round so I had to make another model that was more round and less boxy. This was just a little bumo in the road of making my car because I learned from the mistakes I had made in my first car. So the second car I made was more round but I had based it of a wedge which was not a really aerodynamic. So I had switched it to a more teardrop shape just like the Air Stream Trailers. When I did this I had modified the spoiler and the added a splitter on the front of the car. When I did this I lowered my car down so that it stayed on the road better. That was the finished product though I could still added more components to it.


I think that I learned a lot because I had made it be printable. I also learned how to work tackk and sketch up better.


I would want to pursue this as hobby not as a job. Do to it not being sustainable and it being boring after a wale and that I can pursure something better.


I was really glad in choosing this because I had learned about design and other things. I also know how to make things in Skethch Up.


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How does 3D printing relate to aerodynami

2 years ago

How does 3D printing relate to aerodynamics with sports cars? What is the connection?

2 years ago

Was it difficult to make the model? Are you trying to match the car in the photo?

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Why did you choose to use the 123 Design software?

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I chose sketch up

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