Absenteeism and Lost Productivity

Measuring the cost of absenteeism is more difficult than it looks

Woody Allen said eighty percent of success is showing up. Now multiply that by every sick day an employee at your company took last year, and it is easy to see how absenteeism as a result of sickness can reduce workforce productivity. Worse still, the cost of absenteeism far exceeds the worker's salary.

Like Mr. Allen's statistic, measuring the cost of absenteeism is an inexact science. But a recent study conducted by the IBI takes an intriguing angle on absenteeism and opportunity costs by factoring in staff replacement, output delays, and team member effects. In as few as 3 sick days, more than half of managers reassign the worker's duties, which can effect the quality of output, or diminish the efficiency of team members. The result is a swelling effect on the cost of missed days due to sickness for the business.

That is one reason why OurHealth offers no-cost preventative care appointments. Prevention and early detection of issues reduces absenteeism resulting in a healthier and more productive workforce. Employees are also more likely to seek care when their clinic is conveniently located, appointments are easy to schedule, and wait times don't exceed 8 minutes.

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