Explore the concept of clipping path and image masking more closely!

If you are familiar with graphic designing industry you must have heard about these terms clipping path and image masking techniques. Out of many photo manipulation services these are the most popular photo editing techniques used in Photoshop. In this article, we will be providing a brief about both of these techniques.

Clipping Path

The term ‘clip’ means separating any object from an item and ‘path’ means separating an image. Under this one can delete selected items from the background. It can be easily done by Photoshop’s mighty pen tool.

One can easily replace an object from their backgrounds which is known as isolating, and can place the isolated object on new backgrounds. It can be very helpful for background elimination plus, one can even modify its colour.

After opening Adobe Photoshop, you just have to open an image by going to file menu. There will be a pen tool in the tool box, click on it and look for nib icon on the top toolbar under the menu. You can make it easy to click by zooming the image (ctrl add +) and by pressing alt you will break the curve of an image. Once the completion of the path is done, you can do the selection. Copy the selected image and paste it to your selected background.

Image masking

Image masking is one of the method used to make images more appealing by setting apart complex images from their background. By this one can make an adjustment and attachment of a new layer with the background layer to conceal the unwanted pixels.

This technique is widely used in advertisements for promotional & display purposes plus, to prepare product catalogues.

For image masking, you need to open Photoshop and go to the layers palette and then select the layer for what you want to make mask for. By double clicking on it will be ‘background layer’, which will convert it to an unlocked layer. Select it and click OK. Then choose an area in the image that you want to make visible. Now select a brush tool, like paint brush or pencil. By clicking on mask mode button, the Photoshop will hide the unselected part of the image.

It can be frustrating and tedious process if you are doing it by yourself as it takes plenty of time. But experts on the other hand, have lots of experience & knowledge thus; they don’t face difficulties as an amateur does.

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