original, "anti-social" neighbor

Indirectly: Adventurous

Clarisse McClellen is indirectly characterized as adventurous in "Fahrenheit 451". One way this is shown is how she will ask Montag very "layered" questions, like: "are you happy, really?" This allows her character to open up showing that she really wants to know what the answer is, and when she doesn't show up one day, it messes with Montag. this is indirect for it doesn't specifically tell these things about Clarisse, but we can assume such from the reading.

Directly: Odd

Clarisse is directly characterized as odd. this happened when she and Montag first met he said," your are an odd one," this is a prime example for it is plainly stated and you don't need to make your own prediction. throughout the story she does things others would tend not to do do, further proving she is odd in that society.

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