By: Landon Madison

definition: to be picked on or teased such as name calling, pushing, shoving, hitting or any physical contact

interesting facts: (1) About 21% of the people that are being bullied receive mean or threatening emails.

(2)  Girls are as twice as likely as boys to be bullied or cyber bullied.

Where does bullying happen?

I think that bullying happens mostly on the bus or at school it can happen at home but most of the time at school but if it happens on the school bus then tell the bus driver if it is at school tell a teacher if it is at home tell your parents stand up against the bully or talk to who you feel safe talking to mom, dad, teacher, gym coach, paster, who ever you fine with. it is important for someone to know what is going on so they can help you so tell them and they will stop the bully

some signs of bullying

if the student has no friends.

if the student takes long walk home.

if the student seems sad or moody when they com home.

if the student has trouble sleeping.

who helps?

national bullying prevention center gets special people to speak out about bullying

no bully.com helps by giving  details

How do they help?

They stand up to the bully by saying that's not cool or that's not funny or that's not nice They can go to a teacher or counselor they trust and ask them to help the situation  and at our school we were collors we reconizing

I think it is important for people to know about my topic because people are killing there self because they are bullied it is a serious nation wide problem and people need to stop it

sources I used I used


for the facts  and for the images I used nobully.com

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