Five Reasons Why You Should Read Real Books To Young Children

Children of this modern age enjoy a myriad of gadgets that cater to their entertainment and educational needs. Gadgets for entertainment include remote-controlled toys, computer-based games and mobile programs. Modern equipment for educational needs, on the other hand, includes computer and electronic books. Among the list of educational gadgets, electronic books are capturing the attention of professional educators in Singapore. This is because these educators argue of the adverse effects of book reading through electronic gadgets among students of regular and international schools in singapore. The following five reasons are explained by these experts.

Satisfaction of flipping through pages. Teachers support the idea that flipping from one page to the next provides a substantial degree of satisfaction for the readers. This is because of the fact that progressing from the first page towards the end of the book makes the students feel that they are accomplishing something out of their reading experience. Unfortunately, students of international schools and all the other young children who read using electronic books won’t feel this tangible type of accomplishment.

Effort on manual reading. Electronic books are equipped with search features that make the reading tasks easier. For example, when the reader encounters a word that he or she is not familiar with, the young student can easily use the dictionary option of the electronic book and the definition as well as synonyms of the unfamiliar word will be displayed. However, using traditional books will teach the student to exert more effort on reading. Convenience is truly lessen on printed books but the value that one gets from manual reading will inculcate life lessons to the reader.

Initiative to take care of the books. Having printed reading materials also teach the owner the initiative to take care of the books. Regardless if the book is soft or hard-bound, owners must properly cover the books with plastic, paper or other synthetic material to protect the book from dust, dirt and insects. Also, the owner must place books in dedicated shelves in order to prolong the lifespan of the books. While these activities may appear tedious for some, such practice will teach young students to be more responsible with their possessions.

Preserving good eyesight. It is a proven medical fact that overexposure to electronic gadgets can lower the quality of eyesight of the users. Consequently, young children who excessively use electronic gadgets may experience eye difficulties in their adult years. Truly, using alternative materials such as printed books can lessen the probability of this event.

Learning the traditional way. Prior to the creation of electronic gadgets, the forefathers of Singapore and all other nations have learned the traditional way. Although this method is said to be time-consuming and taxing, retention of lessons through this learning method is proven to be better.

Using printed books as reading materials instead of electronic books pose benefits to the reader. While convenience is truly the prime benefit of electronic books, the life skills that readers will get from manual reading certainly outweigh the efforts.