Thousand Words
Taylor Reed

March 24 2015 MEMORY MOMENT

Reading the first few pages of the book of a Thousand Words, showed me a flashback for the character Ashleigh Maynard. To begin the book she started her community service hours and she once she starts to research about sexting and teens almost all of the top stories that come up is all about her. Then next comes the flashback of the party where her friends told her to take the picture. If the girls were not under the influence, I think they would have ever came up with the idea or even Ashleigh agreeing to take the picture. You could tell by reading she did not want to take the picture but her friends were pressuring her into doing it. And then sending it to her boyfriend. I think if she stopped and think of what she was doing I think she would have never had the community service hours or even being called names.    


I question why Ashleigh was able to break under the peer pressure. She also asked why she had sent the picture and you could really feel the emotion that she never wanted to have this community service hours or even have gone to jail for this. She asked herself why has she fallen in love with Kaleb. Cause it seems like if she really didn't care for Kaleb the picture might have never been taken.

All the tough questions Ashleigh asks herself are "Was my biggest regret not having the guts to tell Rachel to take a hike? Was it falling for Kaleb? Or was it the simple motion of standing up, tossing the drink, and marching into Vonnie's house that at the pool party? Or was it something else altogether? Something deeper, more ingrained in me?


Once Amber finished her presentation, Angel and Kenzie went to Ashleigh and made her feel bad not like other students has. I did not quite expect these two to make fun of Ash just because she took a picture of herself. While Kenzie is the one who made the decision to change her life and become pregnant. Even though I do not know what Angel did, she would have to do something very serious to get into community service. Know I think that these two should not make fun of Ashleigh because it seemed like she was under the influence and the other girls were probably not.   

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