My proposal to the king
By Abhishek Kulkarni

These are the reasons why I think I should represent you in to New World.

Let me introduce myself. I am Roguish Yarnish and I am a true British man. I am coming to you because I know that you will send me because I have had prior knowledge of using a ship so I am the man to lead the expedition to the New World. I think that I should be the one and only one that you send to the New World so that I will bring back resources like gold or silver back to England. Those items that I would look for the most but then I would make other profit by growing tobacco and looking for furs. I would also choose the furs and tobacco because I know that if tobacco is dried it can be used for smoking in pipes. I would also bring back furs because they would be in high fashion in London and that would make me a very wealthy man. I know that the glorious king Henry the Seventh, will fund my journey because I am your only chance. I will expect to hit storms. My plan would be to try and go faster so that we pass the storm ahead of time. My plan to land would be to land in the north of the New World and then expand south if the Spanish and the French reach there first. If they did I would go around them and then I would have my troops surround their camp and kill all of the enemy and then conquer that for England. I would try and negotiate with the Native Americans but if I encounter any enemy countries I will attack them.

Thank you for hearing my plead, may England Succeed in the exploration competition.

The map below shows where I will start.

This map shows where I will end.

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