grade 10 science labs

lab # 1

i didnt learn anything because I already know that when you put baking soda and vinegar together it reacts. I was doing this experiment sense I was like 5 years old.   

Lab #4

What I learned in this lab.

i learned that chlorides could be used for fireworks 

Lab #5

What have I learned during this investigation?

- Formalin doesn't smell good.

- The location of the lungs, heart, intestines ,stomach, and the liver in the frog.

- When things die they get stiff.

- Dissections are injected later to show where the arteries are.

- Frogs have abs too

- A frogs skull is very hard.

- A frogs eggs start off inside their body.

- Frogs eat beetles.

Lab #6

i learned that if you put sugar in water and food coloring if makes perfect little sugar cubes

Lab #9

Lab #7

i learned that if you fill a cup with vinegar and put an egg in it and in 2 days the egg turns rubbery

pumpkin seeds are hard to grow in a class room

Lab #12 agar lab

Science in the media

i learned that with agar powder and water you can make a jelly sculpture

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