Melanie Castelan


Melanie with long, black, straight hair.

Melanie of dark brown eyes as if they were chocolate chips.

Melanie whose an athletic, young girl

Is not so intelligent in school, but she has big dreams for her future

She dreams of being something big in the world

She plans on going to Baylor University and study

To be e first in her family to graduate from college

So that her parents will be proud of her

Therefore, she is determined to do all of the above.

Melanie is a very talented soccer player, she has a passion for the game

She gives it her all, each and and everyday

Because soccer is her life and she is willing to do anything to play.

Melanie inside the locker room ready for the game

Inside her soccer gear and uniform

Inside all the thoughts running through her mind

Is a soccer player

She walks onto the field, with anxiousness in her legs

She is nervous

Once the game begins she goes after the ball

Takes it down the field

Takes a shot and scores!

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