General Practitioner

Colby Loecken

What is a General Practitioner?

A general practitioner is a doctor who is trained to provide primary health care to patients of any sex or age group. The doctor will diagnose their patients, then either give them immediate medical attention or prescribe them some type of medication.  


In order to be a General Practitioner, you must first get all of your basics in college. Next you do Pre Med and get the basics of medicine. After that, you study medicine for four years and get your medical degree. In order to finally become a General Practitioner, you must complete a residency in a hospital or clinic for three years. In all this can take from six to eight years.

ALL age groups


A General Practitioner typically makes from $168,000 to $173,000 a year. About $80.00 per hour and about $14,000 per month. The hard work and many years of schooling pays off for a General Practitioner.  

Future Outlook:

It is fairly easy to get a job in this field because fewer people every year go into this field each year. If you finish school, get your medical degree and residency, you would get a job in no time at all. This field will never die out. There will always be citizens that need medical attention.

Some Related Jobs Are

An Adult Nurse, a Clinical Psychologist, and a Physician. They are all in the same salary range.

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