sediments being deposited

Rocks get broken into small pieces. Next, the small pieces of dirt and sand get picked up and put in a new place.

There are 4 ways deposition can happen. A glacier can pick of the small pieces, they can simply slide down a hill, wind can blow it and water can pick it up.

Bigger rocks can be picked up if the speed of the glacier, wind or water gets faster.

Deposition is the cause of rockslides on hills and mountains. Sand dunes are another effect of deposition. Deltas too. Plus, over time, sand can be deposited.

The process when a sediment settles away from water or wind the carried it, and is placed or deposited in a new location.

When the rock, wind, glacier or water slows down or stops, it is put in a new place.

This is a picture of deposition happening.       


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