By: Zac purdue

Do you like to draw? Well this is the tackk for you! This tackk has all you need from supplies to 3D figures and even more tips & tricks


Think it’s simple don’t you? Just some paper and a pencil? Well it’s not that simple. You need to take your time and think. Even though drawing is really fun! Keep reading and find out why.


First you need supplies. Simple things like pencils, colored pencils, paper and for painting you will want paintbrushes.

The basics

Time to start drawing… Well these are the basics. So start with shapes & color. Try making a house out of different shapes.

Cartoon figures

Now for some fun. Cartoons are a simple type of drawing. You see them on TV all the time. It’s so simple… But you NEED to take your time. Oh by the way start with cartoon animals they are easy to draw.

The hard stuff

Ok now things might get hard for you. Time for 3D figures and realistic animals. But it’s also really fun!! So for 3D figures you’ll want to use a 3D square to start.


So what are you waiting for? Get some paper and DRAW! Also remember your supplies start basic, try cartoons they’re fun! , Then try something 3D… But most importantly have FUN!!!

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