What is the source and where is it found?

The source of wind is solar energy because they are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun. Wind is found all around us. Wind power is the most fastest growing source of energy.

How is this source harnessed to generate energy and is it currently being used?

Wind is harnessed using wind turbines. Wind turbines can capture more than 60% of the energy in the wind and generate 40-50%. Yes, wind is currently being used and is the fastest growing source of energy.

Holland windmills

What are the different types of this source?

There aren't different types of wind. But, there are different speeds. Some of the winds that move at high speeds can smash trees and buildings.

What are the environmental impacts of the source?

Wind is the cleanest way to generate electricity. So it doesn't have many environmental impacts. Many bats and birds have died because of the wind turbines. Also, the noise of the turbines may annoy people very much.

How loud is a wind turbine?

What are the economic impacts of this source?

Wind energy is usually harnessed in rural areas and is clean. There as been no analysis of how wind energy development affects rural counties. Wind energy development increases total personal income and employment in the county where the development takes place.

To what extent does the US currently use the source?

Wind power is expanding quickly in the US. The US is currently second in the world right behind China. Texas has the most installed wind power capacity of any U.S. state. Right behind Texas is California.

What other countries make use of this resource?

The top ten countries that use wind energy are China, USA, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil and Denmark. China has become an engine for the global wind industry. Political support for wind power is uncertain in the US, which create challenges for manufacturers and investors that are looking for longer-term stability.

Wind Energy Chart

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