Getting started!

  •   Getting started doesn't take much at all, first you need to know how to ride a regular bike.
  • Once you know how to ride a regular bike, then you can you can move on to a dirt-bike (buy one).
  • Once you have a dirt-bike and your feet can touch the ground (get the right size bike for you), then try riding, its like riding a regular bike, instead with out the pedals and with a throttle.
  • There now you know how to ride a dirt-bike.

Next step

  • Great! Now that you know how to ride it and if you like it then you can move on to a new bike.
  • There are different sized dirt-bikes (different heights) you need to get one that is perfect for you.
  • There are also different kinds of dirt-bikes, (Honda, ktm, kx, and more) It doesn't matter what kind of dirt bike you can you can still get them in different colors if you want.
  • If you like riding a lot and you're thinking about joining motor-cross then do it!  Don't chicken out just do it!
  • Like me I plan on doing AMA Motocross next year (American Motorcycle association motocross) I haven't ever done motocross before but I am.
  • Before you do motocross and you've never done it before I suggest that you practice a lot and be careful.
  • When you're practicing you SHOULD wear the body gear made for this, if you decide not to and you get hurt that's your fault because I said you should wear body gear.     

Body Gear

  • You choose what kind of padding you want, but i'm going to get full upper body padding, because then I would feel a little more safe.
  • Padding obviously helps prevent you from getting really hurt if you crash.
  • You can get knee padding that covers your knees down.

Types of bikes

  • 50cc 100cc 125cc 200cc 225cc 300cc 325cc 400cc 425cc and all the up to about 600cc.
  • 2 stroke dirt bikes are lighter in weight.
  • The four stroke dirt bikes are good for beginners because its not as powerful as the 2 stroke when you first take off.
  • There are some bad sides of the four stroke and the 2 stroke bike.
  • There are more parts on the four stroke bike which means its heavier than the two stroke.  Since there are more parts on the four stroke, that means there are more parts to break.
  • If you hold the throttle wide open on a 2 stroke the pistons will break.
  • The bigger the bike the faster it goes.

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