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Wallpapering Brisbane are experts in both commercial and residential wall coverings. We are the best people for the job; we are recommended by all our suppliers and are Deluxe accredited. Our active involvement in the insurance industry has enabled us to develop the ability to oversee an entire repair and ensure the works are completed in a timely and cost effective way. For our clients, this means a worry free experience. We keep you informed of job progress and ensure inconvenience is kept to a minimum for you. Our wallpapering specialists give their professional care and attention to achieve a seamless finish to joints and edges. Wallpaper Hanging requires skill, patience and time. Our team achieves the best results by not cutting corners. That means ensuring that the wall surface has proper preparation prior to hanging any wall coverings. This might require filling and sanding to obtain the perfect surface for a perfect finish. It's so easy to create your own unique personal style using wallpaper. You will be amazed at the range of colours and designs available. We find that today’s modern wallpapers are like a work of art depending on what you choose of course. There are wallpapers that incorporate crystal beads in the overall design and shimmering metallic’s.

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