Future Career

After I'm finished with school, I want to become a creative writer. I would basically write books or stories from my own imagination and publish them.

I would like to work for HarperCollins Publishers in New York City.

I would need to earn a four year bachelor's degree in a writing major in order to work as a writer.

I could major in creative writing at Penn State University. In order to get into PSU I would need a high school diploma with at least a 'B" average, a combined SAT scores of about 1600 or higher, and an ACT composite scores of 22 or higher. I could also major in writing studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In order to attend IUP I would need a high school diploma with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.2, an SAT score of approximately 10,0 or a composite ACT score of 21.

I may have trouble with passing math classes in high school and having a decent place to stay on campus.

I can overcome these problems by studying and working hard in school and i could get a job or just bum off of my parents.

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