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The industrial revolution had a negative impact on the environment.
Topics: The industrial revolution led to air and water pollution. And still exists today.

93% of the United States’ surface water is polluted.

By the late 1980s the water was not fit to drink in at least 33 major cities.98% of China’s
sewage goes into rivers untreated.

25 million people in developing countries die each year from waterborne pathogens and pollution accounting for about 1/3 of all deaths from those countries.

The biggest threat to world food production is water scarcity

But we can make a difference!

Never throw rubbish away anyhow. Always look for the correct waste bin. If there is none around, please take it home and put it in your trash can. This includes places like the beach, riverside and water bodies.

Do not throw chemicals, oils, paints and medicines down the sink drain, or the toilet. In many cities, your local environment office can help with the disposal of medicines and chemicals. Check with your local authorities if there is a chemical disposal plan for local residents.


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