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What To Do For A Interview

Dress Code-You should dress appropriate different then what you wear to school ,maybe church shirt and jeans,NO! cleavage shirts,booty shorts,try to have things covered that shouldn't be showing.

Positive  Attitude-You should walk in with a smile and a greet also eye contact and shake hands,be talkative ask questions you maybe concerned about or Don't' understand

Body language-You shouldn't chew gum,make annoying sounds,slump in your chair!,beat boxing,speaking out,having a side conversations,trying to be center of attention,You should site up straight  back ,listen,ask questions appropriately,take notes,make sure you can sit somewhere and stay focus.

Leadership-Come on now !!! you know how t be a positive leader:).ask questions that some employees aren't asking go into details about the question you asked and people that did not understand or get it will take your advice or  know where you coming from.

Things You Shouldn't Bring-Your phone (It might distract others ,inappropriate ringtones).food(NO chips,peanuts,reeses)nothing that will distract OR take your full attention from a job interview that's MORE IMPORTANT


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