by: Mia & Phoebe      4-17-15      south

Egypt's ettiquette rules are very different from ares like in Egypt you have to not eat por, no eating with the left hand, no alcohol, you can't refill your drink yourself., no western utensils, and they mostly use spoons. are rules in America are like sit up at the table, or no electronics at the table.…

      What suprised us the most that happens in Egypt is that you can't refill your own drink your neighbor has to refill it, but the only drink you can refill is your neighbors drink (person sitting next to you).Also it is very different from the United States because we are allowed to fill our own drinks without our neighbors having to do it.

     We should study these customs before we go to Egypt because if we didin't study the customs then the other people would find it that your being rude and disrespectful to there tradition and also you would get really embarrased.


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