Okay the nicest technique in the game is THE KSI Technique, we are now offering you the opportunity to be the first one too bring it to your area.........

Dear KSI Barber,

KSI Highlight Barber Experts, we are excited to tell you about the launch of our new KSI Rep Program. We would like to first say thank you for supporting King Sharper Images with your purchases of KSI Highlight Barber Color. We would like to offer you the opportunity to become a KSI Representative that retails and educates for KSI. In addition to retailing the product, we will also send you clients that are looking to achieve the KSI Highlight image. We have created a KSI Rep Location map that is located on the home page of our website ( http://xufxanmf.megaph.com/?skip-tracking=true ).This makes it easy for Barbers and potential clients looking for KSI Highlight to find you.You can become a KSI Rep for the low introductory rate of $335.00. For this $335.00, you will receive 24 kits of KSI Highlight, with 3 FREE KSI KITS, and promotional posters. This low rate is what is typically offered to retail stores for purchasing several hundred units. With this package, you will be able to double your money and make $630 by retailing Highlight kits from $20 - $25 depending in your location. This doesn’t include the funds that you will receive by gaining new clients from being listed on the KSI Location Map. This is an opportunity that you can’t let pass you by. Also, you will receive additional benefits the second time you purchase the KSI Rep package that include business cards and marketing development. The marketing development consists of adding your business on local search directories such as Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, and more. To sign up, please call our customer service team at  678-754-0621. Once you sign up, we will also send you a KSI Highlight Sales Guide that outlines the proven ways of promoting the product. For more details on the company and the product, please review the attached 2 page brochure.


KSI Management Team


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