The best community in the world

Explore your hobbies!

Make and listen to music! create and make masterpieces of art!

We control the weather all year round!

We have fireworks, parades and concerts year round!

Have a religion? You can worship whoever you want at one of our many alters!

Everyone has a job, we keep our community clean with teamwork!

Our government keeps their ears open and listens to the needs and wants of the people.

Like clothes? We keep a full stock of clothes from all ears of fashion, even the 1500's!

Our education is rank one in all the communities around the world, we produced the geniuses who created hydrogen fueled cars, planes, generators and more!

You will never have to worry about pollution again because we only use clean energy!

You can visit your family whenever you want!

You can do almost anything you want with your life in our community.

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