Chicken Sandwich

The Dwarf Grill's Truett Cathy has came up with a great invention. Cathy is selling chicken sandwiches. Do you want to be the first one to try one? Come to the the Dwarf Grill in Atlanta, Georgia this Saturday to try the first Chicken sandwich. The first 10 people will get their sandwich free. The sandwiches will cost $5 each. Bring chairs because we will be showing a movie at 2:00 P.M.

About the chicken sandwich and its owner:

The chicken sandwich is a big piece of fried boneless chicken in between two pieces of bread. It's so much better than a sandwich. Instead of cheese and ham it's chicken. Doesn't that sound great? You can meet the owner at the Dwarf Grill. Truett Cathy will stop by at around 1:00. He will be giving a speech. You can even get an autograph or picture with him after his speech.

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