Sunny Senegal


Personal Apperance

Most of us bathe more than once a day. Men wear shirts out in public. Women wear pants or shorts with a t-shirt. Some women were head scarves.

Place to Visit

Independence Square

Independence Square is in Dakar. There are shops in the square. Workers go to the square to eat there lunch.


Some urban women cook French dishes. Breakfast is served 6-9am. Lunch is severed 1-3pm. Dinner is served anytime after 8pm. Some eat only meat while others eat veggies or both. There is a dish called Thiebou Dien(rice with fish).


We celebrate New Years day(Jan. 1st), al-Mawlid al-Nabawi(celebrating prophet Muhammad’s birth), Easter, Independence Day(April 4th), Labor Day(May 1st), Ascension. We also celebrate Whit Monday(50 days after Easter), Korite, Tabaski, Tamkharit, All Saints' Day(Nov.1st), Christmas.


Songs are usually not written down. Certain instruments and styles are for certain groups. We have been storytelling for many years.

Making Music


There are five languages. These languages are French,Wolof, Fula, Serer, Diola, Mandinka.

Government and Economy

The president services five year terms. The prime minister is appointed by the president. The flag is green, yellow, red with a green star in the middle.

Culture Customs

Most of the physicians practice in Dakar. Dakar is the capital of Senegal. The population is 13,635,927. It is shameful to have a child before marriage. Kissing of the cheeks alternate cheeks three times.


There use to be kingdoms they are not here anymore. We became independent in 1960 from France.

Housing and Traveling

There are many different styles of homes here are some. Rural dwellings are made out of natural materials. Urban apartments are an important part of the landscape.We travel short distances by horse and cart, bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot. They travel long distances using buses, taxis, or minivan systems. We have paved roads.

Dakar Home


Children start primary school at six years of age. At about age 12 children go to secondary school(lasts seven years) all the classes are taught in French.

Kids Going to school

Things You May or May Not  Like

You may like that you get to eat some different dishes. You may also like that you can go to the beach.You may not like it if you are a girl because you have to cook. You also have to learn a new language.


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